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Superparents allows you to book 1:1 calls with experienced parents from around the world to get help/advice on topics you care about. How it works: You can read more about each parent in their short bio, then click “Book a Call” to select a time that suits you from their online calendar. Each parent sets their own fee in accordance with their experiences. (Full disclaimer: Superhue takes a percentage). If you would like to become a Superparent yourself, please click on the button below to sign up. Superparents set their own prices, work on their own schedule and get the ability to mentor parents globally. Disclaimer: Please note that advice / guidance from other parents does not constitute health or medical advice. Whilst parents can be an incredible source of knowledge, we strongly recommend that you validate any advice you receive with appropriate health / allied health professionals. For any questions, complaints or suggestions, please email us on

AutismPhysical disabilitiesIntellectual disabilitiesHearing disabilitiesSchizophreniaSensory or speech disabilityAnxiety disordersCerebral PalsyVisual disabilitiesEpilepsyBrain injury disabilitiesDown SyndromeStrokeMajor depressive illnessBipolar affective disorderMultiple sclerosisAsperger syndromeDiabetes mellitusStrokeOCDKabuki syndromeWilliams syndromeSpinal cord injuriesMuscular dystrophyDementiaParkinsons
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Early childhood diagnosis and interventionChildhood-age strategiesBehavioural developmentVocational skills developmentSpeech / communication skillsSocial developmentTeenage years strategiesSensory and motor skillsFinancial planning and managementOverall care managementAdult-age strategies
Physical disabilities
Intellectual disabilities
Hearing disabilities
Sensory or speech disability
Anxiety disorders
Cerebral Palsy
Visual disabilities
Brain injury disabilities
Down Syndrome
Major depressive illness
Bipolar affective disorder
Multiple sclerosis
Asperger syndrome
Diabetes mellitus
Kabuki syndrome
Williams syndrome
Spinal cord injuries
Muscular dystrophy
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